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News at MultiCam

MultiCam Inc. Celebrates 25th Anniversary

DALLAS, TX (December, 2014) ??MultiCam Inc., a leading manufacturing of CNC cutting solutions, is pleased to announce that the end of 2014 will round out its first quarter century of operation. Since opening its doors in December of 1989, MultiCam's products have become an integral part of the manufacturing industry, advancing technology and value into systems that are highly productive, easy to use and built to last.

MultiCam Inc., originally Machine Automation Technology, was founded by Ken Koelling who began building complete CNC systems customized to the needs of his customers. His main goal was to ensure that every machine was engineered to perfection, built with passion and remained reliable for the life of the machine. He instilled a value equation into the company that ensured that the products built exceeded the industrial standards of the marketplace, yet remained affordable to small businesses around the globe.

Today, MultiCam has manufactured and installed more than 10,000 machines worldwide transforming Koelling's vision into a globally recognized, industry leader. "We continue to stand behind the goals and principles set forth 25 years ago," said Kelsey Smith, Marketing Director of MultiCam Inc. "Exemplary customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment and corporate citizenship remain the cornerstones of this company. Sustained success in these areas, we believe, will continue to yield long-term benefits for our brand, employees and our partners."

MultiCam CNC Machines

Multicam Acquired by Family-Backed Investment Firm

DALLAS, TX (June 30, 2014) ??MultiCam, a CNC cutting solutions manufacturer, was acquired by Rosewood Private Investments on May 12, 2014. Rosewood will partner with the current leadership team to accelerate organic growth and pursue strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses.

MultiCam has established itself as an international leader in the CNC cutting solutions industry with over sixty technology centers worldwide. The company has a long-standing tradition of product development and manufacturing various technologies, including routing, digital finishing, knife, plasma, waterjet, and laser CNC cutting systems.

?쏧t was important for MultiCam to find a partner who shares our values, supports U.S. manufacturing, values our technology center network, and has a talented team that will help us grow well into the future??said Kris Hanchette, MultiCam?셲 President and CEO. ?쏳osewood brings more to the table than just capital and their team will be able to help MultiCam with strategy, lean manufacturing, and much more. We will work together to continue building a foundation that is not only good for growth, but will ensure that MultiCam can thrive well into the future.??/p>

Rosewood is a unique investment firm based out of Dallas, Texas. They are responsible for investing the capital of a single high-net worth family, which in turn, allows them to have more flexibility than traditional private equity funds and a long-term investment perspective. Rosewood also has a successful track record of investing in manufacturing businesses and will be able to draw upon this experience to help MultiCam achieve its goals.

Multicam Options Ensure Additional Safety

DALLAS, TX (June 13, 2014) ??MultiCam, international industry leader in CNC cutting solutions, currently implements safety controls on all systems and have now added additional safety control options to its MultiCam product line. Its new options such as the light curtain, safety mat, and laser safety eyewear are added protection to the router, laser, plasma, knife, and waterjet, and digital finishing machines and operators.

Light curtains are photoelectric transmitters that cast infrared light beams to a receiver unit around the MultiCam machine. They act as a personal safety device by stopping the cutting sequence once an object or person crosses the beams. At start-up, the machine automatically checks for any safety faults and will issue either a safe status or a warning.

Additional safety control options offered by MultiCam include safety mats and eyewear. Safety mats are fitted around the machine system to provide a safe area for operators to enter when needing to stop motion and close the mechanical shutter. Special eyewear is encouraged for operators and other personnel that will provide additional protection for the eyes during laser operation.

MultiCam CNC Router

Multicam Will Host Free Software Training and Demos During Its Open House

DALLAS, TX (June 6, 2014) ??MultiCam, international innovator in mechanized CNC cutting solutions, will host a free software training and continuous product demonstrations during its open house, July 8 and 9, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at its headquarters, located at 1025 West Royal Lane, DFW Airport, TX.

The open house will feature live demonstrations of the router, plasma, waterjet, knife, MultiVision, and laser technologies. In addition, MultiCam will host factory tours of its upgraded facility and one-on-one consultations. Complimentary food and drinks will be provided.

?쏮ultiCam is proud to showcase its product line and new software, while supplying customers with the proper equipment and tools necessary to achieve their company?셲 goals,??said Kelsey Smith, marketing director at MultiCam.

Software training will take place on both days. The EngView, package and point-of-purchase design software, training will take place from 10:00-11:30 a.m. and AlphaCam, the 3D sign making software training will be from 2:00-3:30 p.m. The software training classes are limited to the first forty attendees. To make your reservation, email with dates of attendance, or for more information and directions to the factory, visit

MultiCam CNC Machine Factory

Multicam to Debut 8000 Series 5-Axis Router at the 2014 IWF

MultiCam, an international leader in mechanized CNC cutting solutions has announced that it will be introducing its new 8000 Series Five-Axis Router at this year?셲 International Woodworking Fair (IWF), held August 20-23, 2014, in Atlanta, GA. The new 8000 Series with five-axis technology allows for the expansion of production capabilities and lower production time. MultiCam will exhibit its 8000 Series Five-Axis Router at booth #5547 during the IWF show.

The 8000 Series Five-Axis Router offers the most standard features in its class, such as a 12-position automatic tool changer, automatic tool calibration, one-piece stress relieved, steel frame, unique Ram-Z-Axis assembly and more. Its precision planetary gearboxes provide efficiency and a high-service life, while the 2,700 inch per minute rapid traverse reduces production time.

In addition, it features a high performance and easy-to-use OSAI five-axis control package for multitasking. Its touch screen interface is compatible with AlphaCam and other PC based CAD/CAM software.

The 8000 Series has the capacity to machine for a number of diverse applications including 3D carving, acrylic fabrication, thermoformed trimming, aluminum fabrication, aerospace parts, cabinetry, signs, musical instruments, and more.

MultiCam CNC Router

7000 Series Offers a Powerful Cutting Solution for High Production

The 7000 Series from MultiCam, first introduced in 2008, offers a powerful cutting solution for heavy-duty production machining. It is a versatile machine beneficial for cutting a wide-range of materials for a number of different applications and industries.

The 7000 Series features high-torque digital AC servo drives and a 24 horsepower spindle that can easily cut through wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, composite materials and more.

The 7000 Series is equipped with many standard features including a user friendly operator interface, automatic tool calibration, high speed three-axis controller, rapid traverse of 3000 IPM and a repeatability accuracy of plus or minus one thousandth of an inch. This router is built tough with an all-steel, stress relieved plate frame design that provides vibration free cutting. In addition to its standard features, the 7000 Series can be customized to meet the customer?셲 unique manufacturing requirements.

MultiCam CNC Router

MultiCam Introduces 5000 Series Waterjet With 5-Axis Technology

International leader in CNC machine manufacturing, MultiCam, introduces its new 5000 Series CNC Waterjet with a 5-Axis cutting head designed for extreme accuracy and a high-quality finish on parts.

The 5000 Series Waterjet with the 5-Axis head is capable of producing up to 46 degree angled cuts with precise and superior smooth edges. A benefit of machining with MultiCam?셲 5000 Series Waterjet is its erosion process that uses a fine stream combined with a machined-controlled abrasive to cut material without heat. Unlike with plasma cutting, this waterjet avoids any heat- affected zones, meaning there is no material distortion and the smooth edge reduces further production processing and eliminates any edge grinding.

The MulitCam 5000 Series Waterjet combined with the MultiCam?셲 EZ Control system is able to cut virtually any material, such as stone, plastic, steel, leather, wood, silicone, and more. This machine has a repeatability accuracy of plus or minus one thousandth of an inch, allowing for highly consistent closer fitting tolerances on your parts, ideal for fabrication shops, the aerospace, automotive, signage and noise suppression industries.

MultiCam is exclusively partnered with KMT- global leader in waterjet cutting technology- therefore all MultiCam waterjets are all powered by KMT high-pressure intensifiers. The MultiCam 5000 WaterJet with KMT?셲 high-pressure pumps at 60,000 and 90,000 psi will cut material in the fastest possible cycle times.

A few standard features of the MultiCam 5000 Series Waterjet include:
  • All steel, stress-relieved, integral water tank.
  • Two side cutting tank access for easy load and unload.
  • A metered abrasive feeder allowing the operator to control how much abrasive to use based on material.
  • Integrated PC with 19 inch LCD monitor for quick access of EZ Suite software on the machine.
  • Moving gantry with dual-side, brushless digital AC servo drives.
  • Full 360 degree bellows on all axes to fully protect all precision mechanical components of the machine and for ease of cleaning.

MultiCam CNC WaterJet

New Combination Plasma Head Ideal for Job Shops

MultiCam, leader in mechanized CNC cutting solutions, introduces a new combination plasma head for its popular 3000 and 6000 series CNC plasma machines that is ideal for production cutting of diverse materials.

The new combination plasma head features a Hypertherm Powermax mechanized plasma head mounted beside a high-definition Hypertherm torch. Each plasma head is independently programmable, allowing the plasma system to economically cut gauge steel using low amperage consumables, while still able to tackle heavy plate steel with high-definition plasma precision.

MultiCam 3000 and 6000 series machines are designed for the continuous cutting of heavy plate in a production environment. The 3000 series machine features an integrated table design with standard work envelopes up to 8??X 24?? The 6000 series machine features a heavy-duty bridge and rail design with standard work envelopes up to 20??X 100??

MultiCam CNC Plasma

5000 Series CNC Router Designed for Heavy Duty Machining

MultiCam, a world leading CNC machine manufacturer, offers a solution for heavy duty machining with its 5000 Series CNC Router. The 5000 Series CNC Router is designed for high-speed nested-based cabinet production and other CNC routing applications requiring a heavy-duty machine. Standard features, such as the precision ground helical rack, digital AC servo drives (2200 IPM rapid traverse), a heavy box frame design and 25 millimeter linear bearings, provide virtually vibration-free cutting. In addition, the 5000 Series CNC Routers include standard vacuum tables and vacuum pumps tailored to the specific application.

MultiCam?셲 5000 Series Router is available in widths up to 10 feet and lengths up to 60 feet with various spindle configurations and functional options, such as the gang drills and aggregate heads that are commonly utilized in woodworking, plastics and non-ferrous metal machining applications. Another useful option for the 5000 Series CNC Router is the rigid tapping spindle with automatic tool changer.

MultiCam CNC Router

3000 Series CNC Router for the Plastics Industry

International leader in mechanized CNC cutting solutions, MultiCam, offers an innovative, heavy-duty, precise cutting system to the plastics and acrylic fabricator.

The 3000 Series CNC Router has an abundance of standard features that are normally associated with more expensive machines. Some of the features include an all-steel plate frame, automatic tool changer, and a 5.5 HP, 32,000 RPM spindle that allows for a precise edge finish when machining plastic. For acrylic fabricators, the diamond polishing acrylic router bit option produces near-optical edge quality on parts.

The 3000 Series router also comes in a variety of sizes and features a space saving, moving-gantry design. In addition, MultiCam has vacuum fixturing options specifically tailored to the plastics industry.

MultiCam CNC Router

New 5-Axis Bevel Plasma Head Enhances Coverage and Protection

Global leader in mechanized CNC cutting solutions, MultiCam, introduces its new 5-axis bevel plasma head.

?쏻e challenged our Engineers to come up with an improved design for our 5-axis plasma head,??said Tony McGrew, Director of Operations, ?쏿nd we are very pleased with the results.??/p>

MultiCam engineered the new 5-axis bevel plasma head for maximum performance by using aluminum castings for weight reduction and rigidity. The new plasma head is not only a compact, durable cutting solution, but its innovative features provide for improved crash protection, as well as ease of maintenance. Its advanced technology provides for maximum table coverage which leads to a more flexible machine.

Although all MultiCam plasma machines have the capability to move simultaneously in the X, Y and Z axes, the new 5-axis bevel plasma head introduces two additional axes of movement, the ?쐏hi??and ?쐔heta.?? These two axes allow operators to cut complex parts with bevels up to 45 degrees in 2??thick mild steel. The new 5-axis bevel plasma head was designed with the upgrade-ability of existing plasma systems in mind.

All bevel plasma systems come standard with Automatic torch height control (ATHC) along with MultiCam?셲 EZ-G-Code 5-axis software for use with an existing 3-axis CAD/CAM system. In addition, all machines are fully compatible with SIGMANEST and Hypertherm ProNest 5-axis bevel CAD/CAM systems.

MultiCam CNC Plasma

Multicam Completes Annual Global Sales Meeting

MultiCam, an international leader in mechanized CNC cutting solutions, has concluded its annual global sales meeting, held at its headquarters in Dallas, TX, Feb.9-12, 2014erg.

The annual global sales meeting comprised distributor sales training along with vendor and MultiCam corporate presentations. In total, more than 130 participants, from twenty-four countries, speaking seventeen different languages, were in attendance.

During the meeting, twelve different vendors provided technical presentations covering all MultiCam cutting technologies including router, plasma, laser, waterjet and knife.

The keynote address, ?쏛 Roadmap to Success,??was given by noted Dallas sales training consultant, Tom Niesen, CEO and founder of Acuity Systems, Inc. Acuity conducted additional breakout sales training sessions allowing all attendees to participate in one-on-one role-playing sales situations.

A corporate factory facility tour exhibiting the recent $1.5 million in upgrades was one of the highlights of the meeting. Following the tour, MultiCam employees prepared and cooked a Mexican fajita dinner for all attendees.

The meeting culminated on Feb.12, 2014 with corporate technical presentations outlining MultiCam?셲 future direction and an optimistic forecast for 2014. Overall, the global sales meeting was a tremendous success and received extremely positive feedback from its attendees.

CNC Machine Corporation

MultiCam CNC Machine Training

Multicam Unveils $1.5 Million in Upgrades to Headquarters

MultiCam today announced that it has made major upgrades to its Dallas, TX manufacturing facility worth a total of 1.5 million dollars.

The project encompasses several new upgrades and additions to its 110,000 square-foot facility, all providing significant benefits for MultiCam and its customers. Some of the upgrades include expanded conference rooms to provide for additional growth, upgraded offices for all administrative staff and the construction of a mezzanine providing additional floor space for inventory.

MultiCam?셲 expansion also includes a new 10,000-square-foot demonstration facility capable of showcasing its full line of product including router, plasma, laser, waterjet and knife technology. The facility also features a new corporate training center now with the capacity to train up to forty people at a time.

The initial planning and analysis of production flow and future growth requirements started January 2013 and the actual construction took approximately six month to complete from the time it began in August 2013.

As part of the upgrade, the 6s workplace organization philosophy was implemented company wide, where smooth production flow was a key criteria and required moving both machinery and inventory. A major enhancement was the construction of a new Engineering/Production office area that provides significantly improved information flow between departments. Likewise, the electronics lab was doubled in size in order to meet increased production requirements.

?쏮ultiCam makes it a top priority to offer the most innovative technology and best equipment in the industry, I believe we deliver just that,??said Kelsey Smith, marketing director at MultiCam headquarters in Dallas, TX. ?쏻hether our customers are looking for a standard machine for their application or require a custom machine built to achieve their companies goals, our new upgrades to our facility have the technology to make it happen.??/p>

Other upgrades to benefit production and improve employee morale include the expansion to the current lunch room with new serving counters, refrigerators, and microwaves installed for all employees, new and improved plant lighting, and a complete overhaul to the factory air conditioning system.

MultiCam CNC Machine Factory

MultiCam CNC Machine Center

V-Series CNC Plasma Now Available in Kit Form

MultiCam?셲 V Series is designed for companies looking for maximum value in a CNC plasma machine. It is ideal for both entry-level as well as experienced manufacturers and anyone on a budget. MultiCam now offers the machine in an even more economical, easy-to-ship kit form. Easy-to-understand instructions are provided on DVD and the machines can be assembled and ready to operate in approximately 4-6 hours. EZ-G code and EZ-Suite application software is included with all machines to quickly convert drawings to machine code. And V-Series machine support and technical assistance is provided by a local MultiCam Technology Center to insure your investment.

The V Series Plasma features a custom-engineered, extruded aluminum frame with steel leg supports for high strength and rigidity. Automatic torch height is standard along with powerful, dual X-axis drive motors and Hypertherm PowerMax plasma torches. The easy-to-use, handheld operator interface features graphic icons for all machine functions.

MultiCam CNC Plasma

CNC Knife Option Available on Multiple Cutting Platforms

MultiCam is pleased to announce that its new, 4th generation CNC knife option is available on a wide range of cutting platforms.

First introduced in 2005, it was originally designed to cut fiberglass insulation material using a pizza wheel knife mounted on an HVAC plasma system gantry. Subsequent versions included an oscillating function for cutting rigid foam/rubber insulation. The advent of MultiCam?셲 knife cutting technology opened up markets in graphic arts, digital printing, packaging, automotive, aerospace, textiles, gaskets and many other industries. Today, a significant percentage of all machines shipped by MultiCam have an optional knife assembly in addition to the primary cutting head.

Our 2014 CNC knife has fully programmable, 360 degree servo rotational capabilities. It?셲 mounted on a precision THK bearing assembly and the compact design is available in either a single- or dual-knife configuration. Optional cutting heads include oscillating, drag, kiss-cut, pizza wheel, creasing and bevel. Knives are standard on all digital finishing machines and optional on all CNC router and plasma machines.

CNC Knife

Multicam Appoints Mike Boyte
as Manufacturing Manager

Mike Boyte has been appointed Manufacturing Manager at MultiCam, Inc. He has over 20 years of manufacturing and quality control experience in industries related to factory automation. In 2008, Mike received his MBA from Texas A & M University. In addition, he is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and will continue to lead MultiCam?셲 efforts in lean manufacturing which were implemented in 2012. In his new position, Mike will report to Tony McGrew, Director of Operations.

CNC Machine MultiCam Management

Affordably Priced Heavy-Duty CNC Plasma

MultiCam?셲 new V-PRO CNC Plasma system features a standard, heavy-duty, all-steel water table with integrated bladder capable of production processing of sheet steel up to 1.25??thick without the need for fume evacuation. The CNC plasma system comes standard with a Hypertherm MAXPRO200 (200 amp) power supply engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity mechanized cutting.

The V-PRO motion platform is isolated from heat built up in the cutting tank resulting in smooth, precise cutting of all material thicknesses. Automatic torch height is a standard feature and MultiCam?셲 EZ-G code software is included for easy conversion of CAD drawings to machine-ready G-code.

MultiCam CNC Plasma

Multicam Announces New Package Design Software

MultiCam has formed a strategic alliance with EngView Systems to sell and support its award winning package design software. Engview?셲 Package Designer is an advanced CAD/CAM system for structural design of folding carton, corrugated packaging and point-of-sale fixtures. It is tailored to the needs of professional designers with specific focus on ease-of-use, flexibility, and power. A full set of intuitive drafting tools are specifically configured for packaging design, enabling designers to solve virtually any task with as few operations as possible. Their award-winning parametric design technology, EngView Synergy, enables the creation of custom libraries of re-sizable designs and components, greatly increasing productivity for the user. Features include:

  • Adobe Illustrator integration

  • Library of parametric designs

  • Intelligent drafting assistant

  • Measuring tools

  • External 3D objects

  • Adaptable to a wide range of graphic arts materials

  • Graphic formats: .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF, .WMF

EngView CNC Software

New Affordable Nested Based CNC Router for 2014

MultiCam is pleased to announce a new, heavy-duty version of its popular 3000 Series nested based CNC router for the woodworking and cabinet industries. The machine features a heavy tubular steel, welded and stress-relieved frame, 25 mm linear bearings and custom engineered steel castings supporting the gantry. A variety of vacuum tables (up to 80??X 120?? and a 100% duty cycle, 13 HP automatic tool change spindle are standard. All machines can be equipped with either a 4- or 9-spindle optional 32mm drill bank.

All 3000 series machines feature a high-speed simultaneous 3-axis motion control system and MultiCam?셲 easy-to-use, hand-held operator interface. MultiCam?셲 popular EZ-G code software is included and all machining systems are fully compatible with any of the popular cabinet software packages.


MultiCam CNC Router

CNC Machine MultiCam Mexico

Mexico Job Shop Also Sells MultiCams

May 2013 - MultiCam Mexico?셲 Javier Holschneider augments CNC cutting machine sales with application experience and try-before-you-buy services. The skilled CAD designer and CNC operator?셲 original company, Design & Cutting, was a successful job shop before he began also selling MultiCam systems.

After starting his sign company in 1994, Javier moved into promotional materials. Now he also makes his own furniture line. His current MultiCam solutions are Value-Series Router, 1000 Series Router with MultiVision digital registration system and 3000 Series Router. Javier plans to add a Digital Express soon and V-Series Plasma later.

Using EnRoute software, his job shop cuts custom wood, plastic, composite and non-ferrous metal parts for industrial designers, architects, display and label manufacturers as well as artists. They make signage, trade show and store displays, models, prototypes, promotional materials and more.

In 2004, Javier began selling CNC cutting machines as MultiCam Mexico, an auxiliary business. Customers have a high level of trust in him, thanks to his many years of hands-on experience. And with Javier, they get the bonus of obtaining MultiCam-cut parts before investing in their own machine.

?쏮ost customers buy parts from my job shop for several months,??Javier said. ?쏝eing a supplier first helps sell machines. When their MultiCam arrives, I train them to create the parts I?셶e been providing. Getting a new cutting table often expands their application capabilities and thus their revenue.??br>
Like all MultiCam Technology Centers, Javier provides local sales, demonstrations, training, service and tech support.

?쏝ecause the MultiCam product line is essential to my job shop and furniture making, I offer customers practical solutions for every step from CAD software to machine operation and maximizing productivity,??Javier said.

To see more pictures of his work, visit Javiers website or Facebook page. Email MultiCam for a sales rep in your area to contact you.

CNC Machine Dealer

Plasma Cuts Haukaas Manufacturing Costs


Haukaas Manufacturing Ltd. of Mortlach, Saskatchewan, Canada, reduced costs by cutting its own parts with a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Plasma instead of using a supplier. Before buying this cutting machine, the company?셲 biggest expense was purchasing laser-cut parts. With iron suppliers far away, owner Greg Haukaas had to keep every thickness and width of flat bar on hand.

?쏻e were flat-bar people who converted over to buying laser parts little by little,??Greg said. ?쏻hen we purchased our MultiCam, we were probably one-third flat bar and two-thirds laser in our flats usage. Since then, we have stopped using flat bar altogether and purchase only a handful of laser parts a year. Life with the MultiCam plasma table is much better!??br>
Since 1980, Greg and Rhonda Haukaas have manufactured quality agricultural products for companies like John Deere, Great Plains, Honey Bee and Salford. These include bale carts, rotating bale grapples, leveling shovels, bin door inserts and field markers.

?쏱urchasing the MultiCam plasma table has been one of the greatest game changers we have made for our business,??Greg said. ?쏧t is the main piece of equipment in our operation. Our entire plant depends on what comes off that machine every day. We are a little scared to think where we would be today if we had not made the investment three years ago. Using a 5' x 10' sheet is so much simpler than flat bar!??br>
When iron workers were cutting Greg?셲 flat bar, they made extras to cover rejected parts. That meant he had to store spare parts until the next run or throw them away. Neither option was ideal. With the MultiCam plasma table, Greg has eliminated overages and waste. logo