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Digital Express Speeds Store Decor's Creativity

CNC KnifeGeneral Manager Ron Freeman expanded Store Decor's retail graphics with the Digital Express.

"The Digital Express eliminated hand cutting that was a nightmare. Now everything comes out exactly right."

— Ron Freeman, Store Decor General Manager

The Store Decor of Rowlett, Texas, bought its first MultiCam® CNC Router in 2006 because of dissatisfaction with a competitive machine. When the MultiCam 3000 series cut plywood panels in just six minutes instead of 40, General Manager Ron Freeman knew he'd found the right solution. In 2010, he added a Digital Express to help The Store Decor be even more creative. Since then, the two MultiCam Digital Express systems run 16 hours a day, speeding and expanding The Store Decor's retail graphics abilities.

Founded in 1992 by store fixture salesman and pharmacy designer Robert Potts, Store Decor began as a pharmacy design company that made store fixtures. Then it replaced grocery store hand-painted butcher paper signs with professional graphics. Store Decor evolved into sculpting foam tool shapes to identify hardware store departments. Today with the Digital Express, the decor possibilities are endless.

Housed in a 120,000-square-foot facility, this full-service company prints, cuts, manufactures, kits, ships and installs store signage and displays. Its 200 active accounts include major North American sporting goods, fast food, grocery, cafeteria, department and pet store chains and franchises. "In terms of speed, the Digital Express has been a game changer," Ron said. "It's 10 times as fast as hand cutting. We've saved on labor by needing just one person instead of five."

Thanks to the Digital Express with MultiVision, Store Decor no longer needs to trace and cut letters by hand or align register marks manually. It has expanded into vinyl floor and window graphics.

"Accessing all files in the EZ Control® provides ease of use and saves time," Ron said. "MultiCam is great with service, and techs are helpful."

Store Decor has created a 16-foot tall hamburger, huge football with dining tables inside plus trains and chuck wagons. For PetsMart, it produced a giant lizard, dog and cat. With the Digital Express, Store Decor's creativity is infinite.

"In terms of speed, the Digital Express has been a game changer. It's 10 times as fast as hand cutting. We've saved on labor by needing just one person instead of five."


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