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Plasma Increased M&M Manufacturing's Output

CNC Plasma linkAfter buying a MultiCam® 3000 Series Plasma in 2008, M&M Manufacturing Company of Fort Worth, Texas, increased its output. The HVAC shop runs the CNC cutting machine hard 55 hours a week to manufacture commercial and industrial ventilation systems from thin-gauge metal to 1⁄4" steel plate.

M&M's plasma features the convenience of two torches. In addition to the conventional plasma, the shop uses the high-definition version for fast cutting of critical stainless steel and welded parts. Equipped with automatic torch height control, it makes adjustments as needed when the material warps during cutting.

Two brothers-in-law with M middle initials founded the company in 1958. Terry Clements, plant manager for 37 years, has seen the business grow into multiple locations in Texas and Arkansas. He's based at M&M's Forth Worth facility that's expanded to over 90,000 square feet.

M&M does all fabrication in its factory for various customers including hotels, strip malls, mechanical contractors and A/C supply companies. It builds roof curb adaptors to accommodate the replacement of old HVAC units with different sizes. Supply and return ducts drop inside while new units sit on top.

"With the HD torch, parts are ready to roll and weld. The smooth finished edge saves a step," Terry said. "It gets rid of the razor-blade-like slag, so we don't have to clean it."

The MultiCam Plasma's pendulum processing feature has been a real time saver for M&M. It cuts one sheet while the operator loads another, so the machine never stops producing.

Terry said, "The machines's zones do a good job of ventilating fumes from the plasma metal-cutting process."

"The MultiCam Plasma is the finest made machine. It provides the versatility of two heads, high definition and parts requiring no cleanup."

— Terry Clements
M&M Manufacturing Plant Manager

"We looked at HD plasmas at FabTech shows," Terry said. "The MultiCam seemed to be better made, and the North Texas Technology Center was convenient to visit for a demo. The affordable MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma increased output at our welding shop immediately."


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