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Laser Streamlined ASI's Sign Production

CNC Laser storyMultiCam® 2000 Series CNC Laser Applications

ASI Signage Innovations purchased a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router in 2006 and streamlined its high-end architectural sign production by adding a 2000 Series CNC Laser in 2009. Automation allowed Production Manager Dave Brown to cut out a number of manual steps, saving time and money. With the MultiCam Laser producing a clean, polished edge, he's eliminated painstaking hand finishing.

Vice President Fred Wilson said, "Accuracy is spot on. We have more control and better profit margins. The MultiCam Laser paid for itself in ROI in about a year."

ASI Sign Systems was founded in 1965. The Irving, Texas, operation has been in existence since 1978. Today, it's the largest full-service franchise and manufacturing facility. It provides innovative identity solutions for Fortune 1000 healthcare, hospitality, education and corporate companies.

"The laser is awesome," Dave said. "It's a strong system and saves us so much time. It lines up perfectly, holds the registration, speeds up production and cuts out several manual procedures. The file is in the same place every time. Home is always home. We save a step by not having to add adhesive after the cut and a full day by not needing to machine and polish the part edges."

ASI uses the MultiCam Laser to cut seven-layer, adhesive-backed hospital room signs. It scores the paper backing so staff can tear it off and paint each section a different color. This saves time over needing to make masks.

According to the production staff, the MultiCam Laser has been a lifesaver and time saver at cutting Braille sign pieces in one step. ASI used to cut them with a MultiCam router and then finish the edge. It also uses the laser to engrave hospital directories instead of more time-consuming hand scoring.

:With the MultiCam Laser, we're significantly more competitive in the sign market," Fred said.


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— Dan Sawatzky